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Grey Lab is an interdisciplinary workplace for empirical research in cognitive psychology and related fields operating within the Department of psychology, Faculty of Arts. Our efforts are aimed at contributing to the understanding of the human mind and brain as the most complex object in the entire universe. Humankind's perpetual mystery is the subject of our daily speculation, as well as a deeply fascinating enigma. At the same time, we focus on selling our knowledge, skills and vision to new generations, developing their research skills to a top-tier level.

To achieve the aforementioned, we utilize high-tech equipment such as widescreen 3D projection, head-mounted displays, eye-tracking systems or electrophysiology measurement. In order to raise the quality of our research, the diversity of research facilities and research opportunities, we cultivate close collaboration with the HUME Lab, Faculty of Arts. Maintaining a comprehensive view of our research topics, we combine expertise in psychology, methodology, IT science, neuroscience, behavioral science and computer graphics and design.

Since we value innovative and creative thinking, we constantly discuss and get inspired by our bright students. Grey CoLab is a research club operating within our laboratory, bringing psychological science closer to young researchers. Together we try to shape our future.

“All outstanding work, in art as well as in science, results from immense zeal applied to a great idea.”

Santiago Ramón y Cajal

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Folklore and Subjective Well-Being


Folklore and Subjective Well-Being

Our laboratory members attended Slovak conference "Kondášove dni". On this occasion, they presented the results from the first phase of research project on the effect of folk culture on subjective well-being. Thanks to the participating members Jasmína Aldabagh, Filip Kyslík and Vojtěch Juřík.

Folklore and Subjective Well-Being Workshop


Folklore and Subjective Well-Being Workshop

At the end of our "Folklore and subjective well-being" project, we organized a workshop, which was attended by prominent scientists investigating the topic from various perspectives, as well as students interested in the results of our one-year project. Many thanks for leading the project to Dr. Juřík, Professor Blatný for supervision and Jasmína Aldabagh for organizing research activities.

Anežka Novotná's Research Presentation at the Conference


Anežka Novotná's Research Presentation at the Conference

After the successful completion of her research for the diploma thesis entitled "Experience Of Trampolinists And Their Coaches With Lost Move Syndrome", our fresh graduate student Anežka Novotná presented the results of her work at the Slovak conference in Bratislava. Congratulations!

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