Centre for Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Sciences – Department of Psychology

Center for Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Sciences (CEPCoS) represents the multidisciplinary workplace for empirical research in psychology and related areas. It is rooted at Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University Brno. Emphasis is placed on the research of contemporary technologies and their potential use in various fields of human activities. We build an interdisciplinary approach to explore multiple aspects of human interaction with modern technologies, especially with respect to human-computer interaction (HCI) paradigm. Particularly, we focus on issues which can be applied in practice, namely for diagnostic, therapeutic, engineering or design purposes. 

CEPCoS is formed by the team of experts from the field of psychology, IT, cartography and education. Our research team maintains close collaboration with the HUME Lab, Faculty of Arts. 


  • interdisciplinary research of human interaction with various computer interfaces and visualizations types
  • focuses on an extensive experimental research of cognitive processes and human behavior, especially perception, decision-making and patterns of sensory-motor action
  • investigates the relationship between specific setting of user interface and human behavior
  • utilizes HUME lab’s high-tech equipment to reveal dynamic nature of human cognitive processes and behavior
  • various devices such as wide screen 3D projection, active/passive 3D glasses, head-mounted displays, wireless control devices (Wii RC) or tracking systems (Motion Capture system for the body movements tracking or Eye-tracking system), are used to measure the human responses in experimental as well as real tasks simulations
  • brings a new insight in relevant research questions - we combine expertise in psychology, IT science, moral philosophy, methodology, behavioral science and computer graphics and design

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