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Dear candidates for the study of psychology at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno. You can get quality education in the field of psychology at any department of psychology in the Czech Republic. So what can the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Arts MU offer you beyond the fact that for many of you it is simply geographically accessible?

The Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University is the oldest psychological institute in the Czech Republic, founded in 1926 by Professor Mihajlo Rostohar. For almost a hundred years of its existence, the Department of Psychology has developed a clear profile that includes high-quality teaching, professional and scientific activities in the basic theoretical fields of psychology and psychological research methodology, clinical and applied disciplines and in the field of cognitive and experimental psychology.

The basic fields of psychology, such as general, social, developmental or personality psychology, are taught by colleagues with extensive experience in scientific research. They will provide you with a broad overview of current psychological theories and teach you to critically evaluate the latest findings in psychological science. Traditionally, the Psychology Department of the Faculty of Arts MU also provides excellent teachings of research methodology and data analysis, which you will use not only in psychological research, but also in your work as a practical psychologist.

The strongest aspect of the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Arts MU is the teaching of clinical and other applied psychological disciplines. These disciplines are taught by practitioners who provide not only the necessary theoretical foundations, but often enrich their lessons with their professional experience. These are in particular fields of clinical psychology, psychopathology, counselling psychology, psychotherapy or psychology of work and management. The Department of Psychology also shows extensive research activities in these areas, including psychology of personal well-being and successful development, health psychology, positive and sport psychology.

Since its foundation, the Department has also been developing activities in the field of cognitive and experimental psychology. It continues the tradition of research within the so-called "Brno School of Psychology", which was founded in the 1930s and was characterized by its interest in perceptual processes and experimental methods. At present, the Department of psychology is involved in the interfaculty research centre CEPCoS (Center for Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Sciences) in cooperation with the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University.

The Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Arts of MU cooperates with the Institute of Psychology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic on the doctoral study programme in Psychology. However, students at any level - bachelor and master – are encouradge to participate in grant projects of faculty members. Details can be found in the Research Groups section.

Students can also develop their scientific research activities in cooperation with the special-purpose facility of the Faculty of Arts - HUME Lab - in the Laboratory for Experimental Humanities, especially in the preparation of their final qualification and dissertation theses.

Dear applicants, if you choose our departments for your studies, we look forward to welcoming you.

On behalf of the staff of the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts MU

Prof. PhDr. Marek Blatný, DrSc.

Head of the Department



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