Current projects

  • A virtual environment for the presentation of the outputs of mathematical models of the movement of people
  • Project code: FW06010581

  • The use of multimodal learning analytics to study self-regulated learning processes in learning management systems
  • Project code: GA21-08218S

  • The influence of folk culture on psychological well-being
  • Project code: MUNI/A/1408/2022

Completed projects

  • Cognitive psychology and spatial syntax in a virtual environment for agent models
  • Project code: TL02000103
  • Validation of methods measuring analytical and holistic cognitive style
  • Project code: MUNI/A/1323/2020
  • The Human Mind: An Introduction to the Cognitive Sciences
  • Project code: MUNI/FR/1149/2018
  • The influence of cartographic visualization methods on the success of solving practical and educational spatial tasks
  • Project code: MUNI/M/0846/2015


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