Collaborating laboratories

White Lab, Department of Psychology

White Lab is a laboratory of the Department of Psychology located right next to the secretariat. It is established to store and lend psychological tests for research and teaching purposes. The opening hours are usually emailed at the beginning of the semester or can be found on the website of the Department of Psychology. No previous ordering is necessary, only for faster processing it is good to know the internal code of the required test, which can be found here.


Experimental Humanities Laboratory (HUME Lab) is a hi-tech all-faculty workplace equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for experimental research of issues central to the study of social cognition and related areas. HUME Lab's efforts respond to the worldwide trends of integrating humanistic and experimental approaches and as such it incorporates an experimental angle to the studying of humanities and social sciences. The emphasis is put on interdisciplinarity and innovation in empirical research.

See official HUME Lab website for more information.

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