Participation in research projects

Our members have participated in several research projects in cooperation with other research institutions. Here we briefly list names of the projects and the relevant institutions:

Transport Research Center, Brno
  • VIRDIAG: Virtual diagnostics of drivers


Multimodal and Functional Imaging Laboratory, CEITEC Brno
  • BOSNA: Research on intergenerational stress caused by war in Balkans
  • COST – International Research on the Neural Correlates of Consciousness


Faculty of Information Technology, University of Technology, Brno
  • BESST: Brno extended speech and stress test


HUME Lab, Masaryk University
  • MLA GAČR – Eye-tracking-based mapping of eye movements during learning


Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University
  • VAMEMAHKOS: Validation of methods measuring cognitive styles

Own research projects

In addition to helping other, more experienced researchers, our members also focus on their own research:

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