There is always something to work on in our laboratory, from preparing research projects to administering experiments and writing research articles. If you are interested in helping us with these matters and getting closer to real scientific research, or if you want to complete your internship as part of the course, contact the head of the laboratory via email at:

In the email, please briefly describe the purpose of your internship, your motivation and a brief outline of your previous experience with research, if you have any. A long-term internship at the voluntary level is also possible and welcome. We are looking forward to working with you!

Own research and providing access to the lab/equipment

If you are considering using modern technologies in your psychological research, in addition to HUME Lab equipment, our equipment and the laboratory room are also available to you (see Equipment tab). All you have to do is ask for permission via email to the head of the laboratory ( and arrange an individual meeting where you will discuss the details.

Laboratory booking system

Once you are ready to start collecting data in our lab, do not forget to book it first. Our laboratory has a shared Google calendar so that we can synchronize all our activities in the lab.

Become a Grey CoLab member

Stemming from our shared values, every new member, determined to learn and develop, is welcome in our CoLab. If you are interested in our activities, want to get involved or just see what it looks like at our meetings and whether it is something for you or not, contact any of our members listed below. Even if research does not appeal to you professionally, our club is a friendly environment that can help with your thesis or personal growth.

Contacts to the members:

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