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19. dubna 2017


David Caul Graduate Research Grant Call for Submissions Opens April 15!

The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation ( is pleased to announce the David Caul Graduate Research Grant.  This grant is designed to support research that is primarily concerned with dissociation or closely related topics.  Graduate students (in a Masters, PsyD, or PhD program) and undergraduate honors students are eligible to apply for grants up to $1500.  Please note that grants for projects less than $1500 are also encouraged. 

Application materials will be available through the grant webpage from 15 April – 31 May, 2017. Applications must be electronically submitted by 31 May, 2017 in accordance with the specifications detailed on the grant webpage:

2017 Caul Award Instructions and Forms

Application materials include: (a) a completed applicant information cover sheet; (b) a completed research overview page; (c) a 1000 word maximum (excluding references) summary of the proposed research presenting rationale, aims and hypotheses, research design, and procedures; (d) a proposed budget for the grant indicating the amount requested and how funds would be spent; (e) a brief description, attached to the budget, of why the grant will be essential to performance of the project; (f) CVs from both the applicant and his or her Faculty Supervisor; (g) a letter of support from the primary faculty member overseeing the research that addresses the applicant's ability to carry out the proposed research; and (h) (where applicable) letters of support from recruitment sites.  

Please direct questions to Dr. Judith Daniels ( or Dr. Eric Vermetten (

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