Exchange week with international psychology students - group of psychology students from Innsbruck, Austria

18. ledna 2017

Dear fellow students,

We are a group of psychology students from Innsbruck, Austria, who organize an exchange week with international psychology students each year. We are glad to inform you that this year the exchange will take place already for the 10th time.

Therefore, we have attached some information on our project and hope that some of you are interested in taking part in this year’s exchange week. The duration of the exchange is a whole week (May 5th - May 12th ), and the fee for taking part in the program is only 90 € per person. Please notice that this does not include the costs for the journey to Innsbruck and back home again.

For further information on the project, please have a look at the concept attached or at our website:

If you want to take part in our program, you can easily apply on our website. The application deadline is February 26th. Afterwards we will draw lots and pick the 30 lucky ones. Until the beginning of March we will let you know if you got picked or not (please check your spam folder).

We can’t wait to welcome you soon in Innsbruck!

Best regards,

Diana Jung


Innsbruck goes International

Psychology Exchange Week

University of Innsbruck

Tyrol, Austria




Diana Jung,

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